Project Description

To repair a damaged ECU, we either offer a BMW ECU repair service or a BMW ECU exchange service. With an ECU repair service, we repair the original ECU. Typical repairs include misfires and blown components. If the components cannot be repaired or if the ECU is damaged beyond repair, we will offer you an ECU exchange service.

An ECU exchange service or a remanufactured ECU is a refurbished ECU from another vehicle that is reprogrammed with your vehicle’s factory information. We use dealer level diagnostic equipment to perform ECU exchange service to ensure that your vehicle’s VIN and other information is transferred correctly. Without these specialized tools and programming, you will not be able to use another vehicle ECU in your car.

With our ECU repair service and our ECU exchange service, your vehicle’s factory settings will remain the same. After you receive your repaired BMW ECU from us, you will not need to do any other ECU programming. All our services are plug and play.

To get your BMW ECU repaired, we recommend calling our team for an accurate quote. Once you have discussed your ECU failure symptoms with our team you can book an ECU repair service online.

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